T.G.I.M.! #134

Getting you set for the sports week ahead.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time to focus squarely on Christmas and all the stress that it implies. On a positive note, we did learn that the NBA will more than likely be having games on Christmas day so at least we will be gifted with some professional basketball on the day of giving. As November passes into December and people tend to get worried over, say, everything, I implore all of you to turn to sports on a daily basis to give you a small break from the holiday crazy. With the NBA and the NCAAFB Bowl season on the horizon, the future is looking good for our entertainment. And since there is no better place to start than now, here is this week's top games.

All times are in Eastern Standard



(NFL) Giants at New Orleans 8:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 12 Xavier at No 22 Vanderbilt 7pm ESPN2



(NCAABB) No 4 Duke at No 2 Ohio St 9:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 15 Michigan at Virginia 7 pm ESPN 2



(NCAABB) No 7 Wisconsin at No 5 North Carolina 9:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Notre Dame at No 18 Gonzaga 11:15 pm ESPN2



(NFL) Philadelphia at Seattle 8:20 pm NFL Network

(NCAAFB) No. 23 West Virginia at South Florida 8pm ESPN

(NCAABB) St Johns at No 1 Kentucky 7:30 pm ESPN2



(NCAAFB) Ohio vs Northern Illinois 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAAFB) UCLA at No 9 Oregon 8pm FOX

(NCAABB) NO 9 Florida at No 5 Syracuse 7pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 22 Vanderbilt at No 7 Louisville 9pm ESPN



(NCAAFB) No 14 Georgia vs No 1 LSU 4 pm CBS

(NCAAFB) No 10 Oklahoma at No. 3 Oklahoma ST 8 pm ABC

(NCAAFB) No 15 Wisconsin vs No 13 Michigan ST 8:17 pm FOX

(NCAABB) No 5 North Carolina at No 1 Kentucky 12pm CBS



(NFL) Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 1 pm CBS

(NFL) Green Bay at NY Giants 4:15 pm FOX

(NFL) Detroit at New Orleans 8:20 pm NBC