Top 5 Most Overrated Teams of 2012

Plenty of teams were great in 2012, but there were more who couldn’t quite live up to expectations. See who tops our list.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

Living in an era of over saturation makes it easy for sports media to jam the “sexy” teams down your throat.  All the so-called experts repetitively tell you who is good and who is not.  There are always teams that think they have what it takes to win it all, but only a select few can actually walk the walk. We decided to take a look back at the teams that have disappointed this past calendar year.

  The Philadelphia Eagles

Super Bowl, baby! That was the tune many NFL analysts were singing at the start of the season – especially after the Eagles went 4-0 in the preseason.  Now, after 15 regular season games, the Eagles have the same amount of wins as in the preseason, are on the cusp of firing head coach Andy Reid and are auditioning for their quarterback of the future.  Sure, they brought it upon themselves with all the personnel debacles the last two seasons; however injuries were a major factor, especially this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers

After going out and getting Steve Nash and Dwight Howard last summer, the Lakers were hoping to piece together another dynasty before Kobe Bryant’s career began to steadily decline; but it hasn’t quite gone that way.  After a 1-4 start to the season, the team fired coach Mike Brown and just when it appeared Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson would be hired – the man that led the Lakers to five championships in 11 seasons – the Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni instead.  D’Antoni couldn’t fix the New York Knicks the previous four seasons and hasn’t been able to fix the Lakers, who have a 14-14 record this season.

Los Angeles Angels

Thanks to a huge TV contract, the Angels dug deep into their pockets to acquire Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson last winter and became one of the best MLB teams – on paper.  Sadly that couldn’t quite carry over to real life and after a slow start, it appeared the rival Oakland Athletics would run away with the American League’s West Division.  The Angels began to put it together at the end of the season but it was too little too late and the team finished four games back of the Wild Card.  That means more money must be spent next season – cue the recent addition of Josh Hamilton.

 Atlanta Falcons

You’re probably wondering why, at 13-2 with playoff home field advantage, the Falcons are on this list.  Well after yet another first round implosion last season, Atlanta has seemed to turn it around – for now.  Matt Ryan has been one of the best regular season performers in recent years but it might be doomed to fall apart yet again.  He has yet to show up in a big game.  The Falcons’ two losses this season both came against division rivals that are under .500 but now they’re coasting into the playoffs.  The hottest team seems to win anymore.  They’re like the San Jose Sharks, Atlanta Braves, or Utah Jazz of the NFL. 

The Miami Marlins

The city of Miami forked out a lot of money to build the Marlins a new stadium.  Along with the stadium came a name change – from Florida Marlins to Miami Marlins – and the acquisition of a handful of top tier players.  The team tried to prove to fans it was devoted to winning by trading for Jose Reyes and signing Heath Bell, Mark Buehrle and hiring Ozzie Gullen to manage the club.  It failed to go as planned and by the All-Star break the Marlins were practically out of contention and shopping around their newest talents.  The team finished the season 69-93 and just recently had a fire sale.  So much for building a winning atmosphere.  Now the locals will be paying off that empty new stadium until 2049.

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