5 Funny Versions of “Who’s On First?”

I’m not asking who’s on second! Gah!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Baseball players have funny names these days. No, I’m not talking about Coco Crisp or Boof Bonser – that’s the set-up for the classic vaudeville comedy sketch “Who’s On First?” It’s been performed, re-written, and parodied countless times over the years; here are 5 versions this infuriating routine:


Who’s On First – Classic Abbott and Costello Version

I disagree. Nothing’s funnier than Sebastian Dinwiddie.


Who’s On First – Inappropriate Version

This classic routine was the inspiration for the movie Scarface.


Who’s On First – The Sequel

As usual, Jerry Seinfeld straightens everything out.


Who’s On First with Siri

The best thing to happen to iPhone since Abbott and Costello.


Who’s On First – Movie Edition

He should rent less movies with confusing titles.


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