Has Ron Howard’s Adaptation of ‘The Dark Tower’ Fallen?

Universal Pictures put the staff of the ambitious Stephen King film series on hiatus over the weekend.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The problem with making a three movie, two TV mini-series adaptation of an epic, nigh unfilmable Stephen King book series starring Javier Bardem – Universal Pictures apparently discovered just last week – is that it costs money. So they shut the production down. Director Ron Howard is reportedly trying to find ways to lower the budget for the franchise – at least, so reports Deadline – but it's not looking good. Universal is, after all, the studio that completely dropped the Guillermo Del Toro, James Cameron and Tom Cruise production At the Mountains of Madness earlier this year over similar complaints (and of course that pesky R-rating).

Like At the Mountains of Madness, hope is not completely lost for The Dark Tower. Howard & Co. have the option to shop the series around to other, perhaps more daring studios. Warner Bros. is a rumored possibility, since they have a first look deal with Dark Tower writer Akiva Goldsman's production company Weed Road. On an unrelated note, we are not above giggling at the name 'Weed Road.'

Crave Online will report back with more Dark Tower news if this franchise ever makes it through the waste lands.