Babe Of The Month: Jillian Murray

Jillian Murray deserves to be Babe Of The Year.  We should really start a Babe Of The Year column...

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

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Our September Babe of the Month is hot.  I know that should be an obvious requirement, but completely serious guys, she's hot.

And she's talented.  Starring in films like Wild Things: Foursome, The Graves and the 2008 reboot of An American Carol, Jillian has proved herself as a talented actress.

Well, it was time to step it up another notch.  Jillian plays Eve in the new film, Never Back Down 2 which follows four fighters as they train underneath an ex-fighter to become top notch MMA competitors.

Lucky for us, Jillian decided to stop by the CraveOnline studios for, may I say, a particularly entertaining interview.  Also, this interview includes a CraveOnline exclusive clip from Never Back Down 2!  Enjoy! 

Oh yeah, again, she is hot…  Ok I'm leaving now.


Don't forget to grab your copy of Never Back Down 2, available in stores on September 13th!