The Big List: Top FAILs of 2012! Paul McCartney’s Nirvana?!

The internet votes on the year’s biggest FAILs. Plus: The Beatles Meet Grunge.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to be walking down a sidewalk, attempt to pick up a bag, get confronted by a goose, swat away this goose, realize the goose isn’t going anywhere, keep trying to attack this weirdly persistent goose, go online, realize the video of you fighting that goose is one of the biggest FAIL moments of the year, sigh deeply and check out these links!


Top FAILs of 2012

See which fails are fan favorites.


Paul McCartney To Front Nirvana Reunion

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, life gets weirder. [image via]


45 Most Important Lessons We Learned In 2012

It’s 850, Mr. Owl. Mission accomplished.


There’ll Be Even MORE New Arrested Development

12 or 13 episodes, rather than 10. They found extra footage in the banana stand. [image via]


New Mr. Plinkett Review: Titanic

Women and pizza rolls first!


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