5 Parodies of A Charlie Brown Christmas

The greatest gift of all is making fun of Charlie Brown.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Christmas time is here / Happiness and cheer / Fun for all that YouTubers call / Their favorite time of year / Parodies online / Sketches all the time / With Charlie Brown they clown around / Dubbing in new (usually inappropriate) rhymes… Here are 5 parodies of A Charlie Brown Christmas:


Charlie Brown School of Dance

It seems like all the kids are doing The Ghost Humper these days.


A Heavy Metal Charlie Brown Christmas

Hail Snoopy!


Merry F*#%ing Christmas, Charlie Brown

Also, will he ever kick that f*#%ing football?!


A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion

Also, Charlie Brown didn't get that Letterman job. Sad year.


Hey Ya, Charlie Brown

Now all the Peanuts / and Lucy, too / get on the floor…


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