Breast Reduction Product Sells Out Its First Day on the Shelves

Miracle boob shrinking product is a hit.

Gary Dudakby Gary Dudak

In the United Kingdom, it seems that more women are actually interested in making their chests smaller, not enhancing their bust size. A miracle cream called Boobs Minus was released recently by Ultimo, one of the U.K.’s leading designer lingerie companies, and it sold out within 24 hours of hitting the market.

The product is the first of its kind, and claims to give women smaller breasts in just eight weeks of using it. Michelle Mone, the founder of Ultimo, said she knew the cream would be a hit but never expected selling out right away. Boobs Minus has already proved to be a bigger hit than Boobs Plus, another Ultimo product aimed at increasing bust size (Mirror).

Before you go on running your mouth about how women trying to reduce their breast size are delivering a slap in the face to God and all of mankind or whatever, consider the following. The launch of this new product comes at a time when British women’s cup sizes are rapidly increasing, with the average cup size at a C when just 50 years ago it was a B. The number of D-cup bras sold has doubled in the last three years, and the number of breast reduction surgeries in the U.K. also has increased, with 5,291 performed last year, a 6.2-percent increase from 2010 (MailOnline). So with all of this going on, maybe it’s not such a bad thing for women to size down a bit, and for extreme cases, to have an alternative to surgery.

Furthermore, while the thought of busty women wanting to reduce their bra size may be off-putting to some men, it seems considerably better when you read that the product claims to work by “tightening saggy skin and lifting and sculpting breasts.” So while the boobs may be smaller, they will be much more perky and firm. That’s a win-win.