Model Rosanna Arkle Earns $3k Per Instagram Post And We Sort Of Get It

And now you're dying inside.

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Photo: Instagram/Rosanna Arkle

Why do we sort of get it? Well, 28-year-old Rosanna Arkle has 3.4 million followers on Instagram. Why? Because she’s smoking hot. So of course brands have reached out to the Australian-born model in order for her to promote their junk left and right. And all of that has led Arkle to reel in $3,000 per Instagram post. Yes, more than you make a month. That’s the world we live in today.

Hell, Arkle even discussed the secret behind making all that money without doing any work at all. Here’s what she had to say to The Gold Coast Bulletin:

“It really depends on how many followers you have on how much you can charge (per post). But the standard rate is 0.1 per cent of your current following. In the beginning I never set out to gain a following, but I have always had a passion for taking photos. I would set a timer on my camera — I still do, sometimes — and do little photoshoots at home because I enjoyed it. My Facebook already had a large following from being on The GC but it was this one photo in a grey onesie that took me from 600k to more than one million followers basically overnight.”

Translation: unless you’re a smoking hot gal you’re not reeling in that much cash per post.

Well, while we continue to try and make money the awful way (but actually working), let’s check out some photos from Arkle’s Instagram.

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