Important Update: Rosanna Arkle Is Still Sharing Incredible Photos Of Her Backside

Meet you all the way, Rosanna.

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Photo: Instagram/Rosanna Arkle

Sometimes we say backside because we are trying to keep it as classy as we can, but you guys and gals see right through us.

Rosanna Arkle, the 29-year-old model from New Zealand, has a hell of an Instagram. And that’s something you should already know if you follow her Instagram or if you happened to check out when we mentioned that she makes $3,000 per Instagram post. But if you haven’t check out her photos yet well you are in for quite the glorious sight because she is still sharing jaw-dropping photos of her bum.

That’s right, folks.  Arkle is taking it to her Instagram to show her 3.6 million followers that she’s a fan of her bum, and you will be, too. So let’s take a moment to check out the photos below of Arkle thanks to her Instagram.

Don’t sleep on it @mermaidsbali

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