Elderly Man Calls 911 Hoping for Dirty Talk

More than three is just too many numbers to dial.

max-millerby max-miller
Why pay all of that money for an expensive 900 number when I can call 911 for free?

That’s the question that must have been racing through Clyde Hobbs’ mind when he went ahead and called emergency operators a total of seventeen times on Friday. According to The Oklahoman, each time Dobbs had an operator on the phone, he would proceed to make lewd remarks and sexual advances.

No word yet on why it took the police seventeen of these phone calls before they finally decided it was time to track down Hobbs’ (not pictured) place of residence and arrest the old pervert. When the police arrived, Hobbs’ asked if they were there to arrest him again. It seems that Old Man Hobbs is a repeat offender and has been taken into custody twice before for similar incidents.

The only thing that could make this story even more awesome would be if Hobbs used his one phone call to call an operator at 911 and make inappropriately sexual comments.

Hobbs was eventually booked on charges of making false reports, with his bail being set at $34,000. Apparently having a fire in your pants isn’t considered an emergency in the state of Oklahoma.