This Ramen Dish Could Melt Your Face Off

Cover your eyebrows.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

When it comes to food, there’s spicy and there’s hot. Nowhere is that more apparent than at Men Bakai Ichidai in Kyoto, Japan, where the ramen house’s specialty dish can burn the house down every time it’s prepared.

Here’s what happens when someone orders the Fire Ramen. First, there’s a quick safety lecture, including helpful drawings for English-speaking guests. Next thing you know, there’s a fireball torching the ceiling directly above you. The explosion is caused by mixing 360-degree green-onion oil with negi ramen. Once the show’s over, you check your eyebrows to make sure they’re still there. Then it’s time to chow down.

While we’re sure the dish is delicious, it should be noted that almost every description of this meal focuses solely on the impressive preparation instead of the taste. The whole experience will cost you about $11. If you ask us, that’s more than worth it for an up-close fireworks show at the dinner table.

Via Weird Asia News

Fire Ramen in action:

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