Grown Man Slaps Loud 10-Year-Old in Movie Theater

When a "shush" just isn't enough.

max-millerby max-miller
Let’s take a vote. How many of you have ever wanted to smack that one person who was being obnoxiously loud at the movies right across their face? OK, now that we can all agree on that, what if the person ruining the movie was a child?

A stern finger wag would probably do the trick, right? Apparently, 21-year-old Yong Hyun Kim didn’t seem to think so. Kim was with his girlfriend at the movies when they were disrupted by a group of boys who were making noise and throwing popcorn. Kim claimed he confronted the group verbally at first, but had to take a more extreme measure when they ignored him.

When the group didn’t quiet down, Kim approached them, told them he had paid a lot of money to see the movie, and smacked one of the boys hard enough with the palm of his hand to knock out the kid’s tooth.

Kim was arrested and told officers that he didn’t realize the boy-who also sustained a bloody nose-was only 10 years old when he smacked him. The kid filed a felony assault charge, and if convicted, Kim could end up spending a few months in jail.

The report doesn’t mention what movie they were watching, but if it was “Battleship” and Kim said “F-9! I sunk your battleship, punk!” after the slap, then the few months in jail are totally worth it.

Via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer