Exclusive: Never-Before-Seen “Harry Potter” Concept Art

Never-before-seen Harry Potter concept art

Eric Altby Eric Alt

On September 7th, Warner Bros. is releasing the “Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection,” and the word “epic” doesn’t even do it justice. You have to clear shelf space for most Blu-ray box sets – this one might require a room.

The Wizard’s Collection not only contains 31-discs (covering all 8 films, previously released bonus material, and a whopping 5 hours of all-new bonus material), but comes packaged with a treasure trove of collectible goodness locked away in a 19-pound (no joke) gift box.

Tucked away inside are some pieces of original concept art that have never been seen….until now. As a special tease for Potter fans, here’s an exclusive reveal of one of the 8 x 10 concept art prints:

Harry Potter, exclusive Harry Potter Art, Harry Potter art

To see a larger version click here.

Is it any wonder artist Andrew Williamson, who specialized in “environments” like this, admitted, “Although I hate to say it, some of the most interesting work on the destruction of Hogwarts.” The “Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection” is the largest box set ever released by Warner Bros, and each movie comes in Blu-ray, standard DVD, and Ultraviolt Digital versions.

The entire thing will cost you around $500…but it’s still cheaper than training an owl to deliver your mail. For more, check out www.harrypotter.com