Live Footage: Fan Distracts Kanye West with Laser Pointer

It's hard to perform with lights flashing all around you.

max-millerby max-miller
Last weekend, Kanye West stopped performing during a live show in Paris to call out a fan who kept distracting him with a laser pointer. We have uncovered never-before-seen footage from the incident:

Kanye then went on a rant in front of 60,000 fans:

“Don’t f— with the lasers back there. You see this guy here with the green laser? Don’t f— with anybody’s show. It’s not a f—ing game. We don’t f— around like that. You might get f—ed up and kicked out. I don’t want that s—, so chill the f— out.”

Afterwards, Kanye finished the remainder of the show, pooped in a litter box, then called it a night.