10 Funniest Saturday Night Live Sketches Starring Kristen Wiig

The very best of Kristen Wiig on SNL.

julie-fishmanby julie-fishman

We’re still bummed that after seven hilarious years Kristen Wiig has left SNL. Wiig’s memorable characters and versatile set of skills made her one of the most capable cast members in recent years … and probably of all time. To honor this laugh-out-loud queen of comedy, we’re taking a look back at some of her funniest all-time characters and sketches. With so many awesome examples to choose from, picking ten was no easy task. Check out our choices and let us know your favorites in the comment section below.

1. Kathie Lee Gifford
If you’ve ever seen the fourth hour of The Today Show you can vouch for how absolutely dead-on-and shockingly unexaggerated-Wiig’s impersonation is.

2. Bjork
Our favorite weirdo from the land of dragons, fishing and screaming asks us to “Come to Iceland” with a rather enticing song.

3. Shana
Watch Shana go from downright triple hottie to farting whistle blower in a sketch that proves Wiig can be both totally sexy and absolutely disgusting.

4. Liza Minelli Turns Off a Lamp
Wiig’s Liza stretches, twists, turns and does just about everything else except the simple task at hand.

5. Suze Orman
From enunciation to lingo, Wiig’s got good ole’ Suze and her money-saving tips down to a “T.” We’ve been wanting a five-o-clock-shadow tattoo since this sketch aired.

6. Judy Grimes
We really like this sketch. No we don’t. Just kidding. Not kidding. Not lying. Just kidding. We’re lying. Lying down. We’re up. Just kidding. OK, it’s way funnier when she does it, so just watch this clip.

7. The Kissing Family
While this sketch is certainly an ensemble effort, Kristen’s ability to stay in character and keep a straight face during a long, awkward eye kiss earns this clip a spot.

8. Surprise Party
Wiig’s physical comedy chops shine in this sketch where she knocks herself unconscious and jumps through a window just to keep mum on a little secret.

9. Garth and Kath
While the matching duds get us chuckling before this musical duo even speaks a single word, it takes some pretty good improv skills to make this sketch work.

10. The Jar Glove
Who knew attempting to open a jar could lead to murder, tazing and imprisonment? There’s gotta be a better way!