Bad Date? There’s an App for That

The excuse to get out of a bad date is finally here.

max-millerby max-miller
There is nothing worse than being stuck on a horrible date. It usually takes a wild imagination or some help from a very good friend to escape from one. That is, until now.

A new app called Bad Date Rescue has come to save the day. The people at eHarmony — who are probably more than used to hearing a bad date tale or two — have released the app that is specifically designed to interrupt a date.

Prior to their date, users can use the app to set their phone to go off at a specific time. As a bonus, users can select one of the actual numbers from their address book to appear on the phone when the faux call comes through so it at least looks like it’s real.

“But what am I supposed to do when I pick up the phone and no one is actually there?” you ask.

Well, don’t you worry. Bad Date Rescue takes care of that as well. Before you go on your date, you can prepare your story thanks to a number of scripts included within the app. The scripts cover everything from your neighbor calling about the pipes in your apartment leaking to your boss needing you to take care of an urgent task to someone calling to inform you of a family emergency.

If memorizing the script is too much to ask, you even have the option to have a “Repeat After Me” script recited to you over the phone that you can then mimic out loud for your date to hear.

It sure beats stabbing your thigh with a steak knife just so you’ll have an excuse to leave for the hospital.