12 Hilarious Medicinal Marijuana Clinic Names in California

A stoner sense of humor.

scott-killingerby scott-killinger

While marijuana isn’t legal in California, it is permitted for “medical use.” Basically, you need to find a willing doctor (there are plenty), tell them your medical troubles (anxiety and insomnia are popular ones) and pay them around $200 or so. Then they’ll write you a prescription and you can go to one of the many medicinal-marijuana clinics throughout the state and pick up your medicine. As you might expect, a number of these clinics have come up with some pretty hilarious names for themselves. Here are some of our favorites.

Bakedry – Los Angeles
In addition to its traditional smokable form, clinics also have a huge selection of marijuana edibles. That’s why the Bakedry name is even more genius. It is a purveyor of baked goods that get you baked. Well done, Bakedry. Well done.

Bringing Out Excellence – Los Angeles
If you consider playing Xbox for hours on end and watching reruns of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” as achieving excellence, then this is the clinic for you.

Hollyweed Dispensary – Hollywood
Snoop Dogg has yet to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If he ever does, it should go in front of this place.

420 Cleanse – Redondo Beach
It’s much more pleasant than the Master Cleanse, but you’ll actually gain weight.

Buds and Roses – Studio City
Not sure if Slash or any band member has anything to do with this venture. If they do, expect a lawsuit from Axl shortly.

Dankstar Deliveries – Los Angeles
“When you’re absolutely, positively too high to drive to the weed clinic.”

Grateful Meds – Los Angeles
Look for the door with the dancing bears.

Daddy’s Caregivers – Sherman Oaks
The owner’s dad really knew how to explain things to his kids.

Away of Life – Tujunga
Silly stoners.

Dr. Green Meds – Valley Village
“Dr. Green Meds, is there something you can give me to relax?”

Got Kush? – Los Angeles
Can’t wait to see the billboard campaign.

G-Spot – North Hills
Does this mean it’s hard to find?