Venomous Spiders Take Over Man’s Apartment

Creepy-crawly house guests

max-millerby max-miller

For those of you out there who have been complaining about the sweltering heat all summer long, it’s time to stop complaining and just be thankful that you’re not the guy in this story.

Dylan Baumann, a man living in Omaha, Neb. recently discovered that he had a few squatters taking residence in his small apartment. Due to the extreme heat of the summer, as well as an incredibly dry winter, a very rare and venomous breed of spider has infested Baumann’s apartment.

Brown recluse spiders are normally very rare, but have made an appearance in Omaha due to the weather. Over the past four months, Baumann has counted a total of 40 of the potentially harmful arachnids skittering through his apartment. Although the spiders are not aggressive by nature, they are the most dangerous species of spider — with the exception of black widows — found in Nebraska.

Baumann obviously plans to move out of the apartment, but says that won’t happen until September. In the meantime, the way-too-nonchalant young man explains that he has learned how to cope with the infestation.

“Pushing your bed away from the wall. Pulling up your bed skirt, making sure nothing’s touching the walls. Shaking out your clothes before you put them on. After you get out of the shower, shake out your towel. Knock out your shoes at night. You just kind of learn to not get bit”, the Peter-Parker-in-training said.

Good luck going to sleep peacefully tonight, everyone reading this.