Battle of the Best Benchwarming Dancers In The NBA: Robert Sacre vs. Kent Bazemore

If you can't get on the court, make your time on the sideline count.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

We have found the best reasons to watch the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors and they have nothing to do with the Lakers’ future Hall of Famers and the Warriors surprising resurgence. It’s really all about the teams’ maniacal dancing bench-warmers.

For the Lakers, we have Robert Sacre, who is so bad at basketball he’s now playing in the D League. For the Warriors, there’s Kent Bazemore, who’s logged a total of 28 minutes this season. While both guys haven’t exactly had a huge impact on the court, they do plenty of heavy lifting when it comes to bench celebrations following highlight plays. So who’s better? Let’s look at the tape.

Robert Sacre:

Kent Bazemore:

Sacre, like any good big man, relies on his size to get your attention before raising his arm and wiggling his fingers or crouching in a wide stance and unfurling what looks loosely like a flurry of wildly inaccurate Donkey Kong punches. On the other hand, Bazemore shows off his versatility with a variety of moves, including a hyper-exaggerated muscle man flex and a ridiculous bowling roll follow-through. This competition might be too close to call until the playoffs, when the two really have to step up their games. (If the Lakers even make the playoffs, that is.)