Andrew Bynum’s Philadelphia 76ers Highlights

Andrew Bynum has not been everything the 76ers had hoped.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

Recently, this photo of the Philadelphia 76ers’ Andrew Bynum popped up. It catches Bynum at a steakhouse lounging in pajamas, slippers and no socks. It is not the portrait of a rehabbing athlete trying to make it back on the court as soon as possible.

Bynum used to be considered a franchise player in the NBA, but a lot has happened since he was shipped to Philly as the centerpiece of a multi-team trade that landed Dwight Howard alongside Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash in Lakerland. To see how it all went down, let’s take a look at Bynum’s highlights since he landed in Philadelphia.

All smiles. Looks good.

Ah, team photo day. How exciting.




What are you doing?

Please, Andrew.


Finally, back to work.

Wait a minute, is that a Dave & Busters?