Priest to 911: Please Help With These Handcuffs and Gag I Was Playing With

Pray for his salvation. And for a key to those cuffs.

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A priest in Springfield, Ill., has gotten himself tied up in quite a mess. Father Tom Donovan of the St. Aloysius church on Springfield’s north end called 911 from the rectory when he found himself unable to undo a pair of handcuffs and a gag. “I’m going to need help getting out before this becomes a medical emergency,” Donovan told a dispatcher during the Nov. 28 call.

When the dispatcher asks for more information, Donovan offered up this explanation: “(I was) playing with them and I need help getting out.” Since the call, there has been no explanation for how Donovan was able to gag and cuff himself.

Priest to 911: Please Help With These Handcuffs and Gag I Was Playing With


Donovan’s voice sounds garbled on tape of the call (hear the full audio from Donovan’s 911 call below) and when police arrived, they found Donovan in some sort of gag. Donovan has since taken a leave from the church, something he was granted from Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, who is the leader of the Springfield diocese.

Paprocki made headlines last Thursday when he testified against Illinois’ gay marriage bill. He also once stated that voting for Democrats “makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.” No word yet on how handcuffing and gagging yourself alone in a church for God knows what reason impacts your morals, soul and eternal salvation.

You can hear Donovan’s full conversation with the confused dispatcher below.

Via Illinois Times