Watch Two Men Videotape Themselves Sneaking Into The Super Bowl

Sneaking into the biggest game of the year shouldn't be this easy.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

This footage is totally insane. It will also make you question everything you know about Super Bowl security – and big event security in general. Two Savannah State students didn’t only have the stones to try to sneak into the Super Bowl to catch Beyonce’s halftime show, they decided it was a good idea to videotape what happened. The above clip shows how they pulled it off.

Getting into America’s biggest sporting event of the year without any credentials looks way easier than you’d imagine. After some introductory clips from the local news talking about how tight security is and a couple of build up scenes of the duo driving to the game, the guys get to the outer edge of security around the 2:30 mark. From there, it’s totally ridiculous how easily these guys infiltrate the Super Dome. The pair’s most effective moves involve no more than simply asking security to open doors and move barricades for them. At one point, one of them even questions out loud how they haven’t been stopped yet.

Apparently, there’s more footage and the two guys plan on releasing a full-length documentary on their experience.

H/T to Deadspin, video via Savannah Now

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