Go Behind The Scenes With NASCAR’S Dylan Kwasniewski in “Flat Out”

Go behind the scenes with NASCAR's hottest young talent.

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Flat Out - Ep 4 - A Bowman Gray Birthday
The AOL Original series, “Flat Out” takes you behind-the-scenes with racing’s hottest, young talent, 18-year-old Dylan Kwasniewski, as he aspires to make it in the #1 motorsport in America – NASCAR.

In this really awesome episode, Kwasniewski celebrates his 18th birthday and looks back on his life without his father, Andrew Kwasniewski, who took his own life in 2010. It was Andrew’s love for racing that is revealed to be Dylan’s motivation for his own pursuit of excellence in NASCAR. That night, Dylan performs the unthinkable during a big race. You can see it all right here.