WTF – Bjork’s Biophilia Box Set Unveiled – For $812?

Some pretty tuning forks and a picture book will run you a pretty penny. But hey, it's weeeeeeird!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Whether by turning herself into a polar bear on video, wearing dead swans to the Academy Awards or simply by making some of the world's most beautifully weird & quirky music, Björk has always been an anomaly of artistic vision within a vessel of ethereal beauty. So it would only make sense, then, that the Icelandic wailer would go to great lengths to create a spectacle of what many are calling her comeback album, Biophilia. 

The only catch? It's going to run an outrageous $812 for the deluxe edition.

Now, eccentricity is one thing, but we're leaping into areas of outright lunacy when musicians begin charging the equivalency of a month's rent for a big box of bizarre. For your hard-earned funds, buyers of the ultimate edition Biophilia set include a lacquered, silkscreened oak hinged lid case holding 10 chrome-plated tuning forks, each of which is adjusted to the tone of each of the tracks from Biophiia and covers a complete octave in a non-conventional scale.


Biophilia's thematic focus on nature and its attendant iPad apps are fascinating rabbit-holes of discovery and wonder, and her site describes the entire album experience as such:

Biophilia is an interdisciplinary exploration of the universe and its physical forces-particularly those where music, nature, and technology meet-inspired by these relationships between musical structures and natural phenomena, from the atomic to the cosmic. The Independent on Sunday calls it "brilliantly original and ambitious."

In other words, there's a bunch of weird-ass songs that take bizarre to the next level, with an assurance of the captivating oddity that Bjork's always possessed. Also included in the set is the Biophilia Manual, a 48-page hardbound, cloth-covered and thread-sewn book tipped on a lenticular panel to the front cover. Of course, the box also includes two audio CDs with the Biophila album and additional exclusive recordings, as well as a collection of essays.

Check out the video for the first release from the album, "Crystalline".

Orders must be made exclusively at Bjork's official store, but you better count those pennies quick; the sale ends on August 12.