Rock It Out! Ep 23 – Shoutout To My Homeboy Frito-Lay!

All the week's biggest music news stories, all in one kickass video update! 

Sami Jarroushby Sami Jarroush

It’s that time once again boys and girls, when we gather all the biggest music news stories of the week and throw ‘em your way via Sami Jarroush, better known to the world as the mastermind behind the fantastic daily rock news/video blog RockItOut!Blog.

In this week's sweltering news-extravaganza update, our hard-working host delivers updates on Watch The Throne's apparently leak-proof status, and pulls a quick Max Headroom for the tale of Chino Moreno's new Crosses project. More news from the Foo Fighters follows, as well as a particularly entertaining perspective on the fallout from Kings of Leon's recent show-cancelling drunkenness.

Catch up on last week's episode here, and check back next week for another weekly fix of music news updates in the next Rock It Out! installment!