Arcade Fire is Coming Home For Free Show

Montreal band will play as part of the 10th anniversary of POP Montreal.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Arcade Fire

What's better than a home-grown band returning to their roots to give a free concert? Well, that's just what Arcade Fire plans to do on September 22nd.


The Montreal-bred indie rock band will perform at the 10th anniversary of the POP Montreal music fest, where upwards of around 75,000 people are expected to check out the five-day event. Arcade Fire's concert will take place at the Place des Festivals of Quartier des Spectacles near Place Des Arts, where other major music events happen annually including the International Jazz Fest, which wrapped up a few weeks ago.


"After having had the chance to tour extensively around the world, we're very excited to finally come home," Arcade Fire member Régine Chassagne said in a press release, as reported by CBC News. "And to do so the Montreal way, we hoped to play a free outside show, on the very last day of summer as a big 'Thank you' to the beautiful city we love so much. We're happy to be a part of the 10th anniversary of Pop Montreal."


The band also said that they'll give out VIP passes to the first 100 people who donate $200 or more to KANPE, a non-profit organization that works in Haiti.


The multi-award winning Arcade Fire have released three albums since '04, including the most recent, The Suburbs, in 2010, which won them a Grammy for Album of the Year.


If you can't make it to their free concert in Montreal then you can check out the live show, which will be broadcast to Sirius XM subscribers in Canada as well as the the U.S.


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