Watch: Trailer for U2′s From The Sky Down Documentary

Is everyone making a band documentary this year? 

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

U2 is the latest band to indulge in the music-becomes-film transition, and we've got the the trailer for their documentary,From The Sky Down, to offer a bit of excitement before release.

Directed by Davis Guggenheim (you'll recognize the name from his work on An Inconvenient Truth), the film features the iconic Irish band talking about their landmark album, Achtung Baby. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the LP and the doc has the band head back to Hansa Studios in Berlin where they recorded the album to re-visit it.

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The documentary will be screened as part of the BBC’s Imagine Series on Sunday October 9th. Talking about the film, the director said: “In the terrain of rock bands – implosion or explosion is seemingly inevitable. U2 has defied the gravitational pull towards destruction… this band has endured and thrived. From The Sky Down asks the question why.”

From The Sky Down will premiere on Showtime on October 29th. Also keep an eye out for a forthcoming tribute album for Achtung Baby, featuring names like Jack White and Depeche Mode covering the songs from the album.