Top 10 Best-Selling Albums In Canada On iTunes Right Now

These artists are cleaning-up online.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

A recent report by market research firm IDC Canada found that more Canadians are watching televisions shows and movies online, reported The Star, and at the moment, iTunes Canada has also become a popular go-to music portal. Here are the top 10 best-selling albums in Canada on iTunes right now and what some customers are saying about them.


10- Bad As Me (Deluxe Version) – Tom Waits

Dr. Gonzho said: A definite "must have" for Waits fans. I'd rate it up there with Bone Machine or Mule Variations. It doesn't take as much risks as Real Gone, or some of the stuff on Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards, but that's not a bad thing.


9- Th1rt3en – Megadeth

paul maccuish said: Clean production, loud drums, tight bass guitar playing and lot of GUITARS!!! Dave Mustaine snarls at his best. The song-writing has a 1980s circa sound, which makes it sound resoundingly fresh. But it's the trademark guitar solos that make this album rock!


8- Halloween Sound Effects – Scary Sounds

Errr, ok no one really reviewed this one, but this is a perfect soundtrack for Halloween, with over 95 creepy noises like deadly footsteps, Dracula's door creaking, and a Strangled Man.


7- Under the Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

Aww, our hometown boy has recorded a Christmas album – just what the world needed! We won't reprint any of the customer reviews because basically it's a bunch of teen girls posting acronyms that we can't decipher anyway.


6- Stronger (Deluxe Version) – Kelly Clarkson

Lincoln MacLean said: Kelly has done it again! The album sounds incredible! If you are a fan of music then you will love this album. Kelly is one of the remaining TRUE artists who fight for what they love… the music! She has become STRONGER in every aspect and this album is a true sign of that.


5- Under the Mistletoe (Deluxe Edition) – Justin Bieber

Yep, he's back – the kid has two spots on this list. No comment…


4- 21 – Adele

music&dance said: This album is flawless… every track is beautiful and shows off her Grammy-winning voice. She's amazing.


3- Christmas – Michael Bublé

Karen Rosa said: This album is well done and really gets you into the holiday spirit. Michael Buble has the perfect voice for all these songs. It is well worth every download. I think it would be great if Michael did a Christmas special on television so we can hear him sing these songs live!


2- Ceremonials (Deluxe Edition) – Florence + the Machine

nowFreak5150 said: This album is astounding. Florence + The Machine somehow brought us to an even deeper place of sorrow, joy, pain, and wisdom in an album that extends past this world and into another. Thank you for taking us there.


1- Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto

Michael Sparks said: Coldplay shows us once again that they are brilliant on so many levels. Mylo Xyloto is a game changer and some great work. It was worth the wait and worth every download. I recommend it for every old and new Coldplay fan.