Michael Jackson Biopic In The Works

The Jackson estate is in talks to bring a highly cherry-picked version of The King Of Pop's tale to the big screen.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


If you thought the endless necrophilic cash-ins on Michael Jackson's death were coming to an end, think again: the estate of the deceased pop icon is in talks to make a Michael Jackson biopic. 

After receiving his own posthumous Cirque Du Soleil show and a barrage of half-cocked unreleased material, the King of Pop will likely have his story told on the big screen, Tinseltown style. Variety reports that the Jackson estate has approached the Montecito Picture Company about producing and financing a biopic of the star, with what we're sure will be a highly cherry-picked selection of events from the man's controversial existence. No word on whether Macauley Culkin would be asked to play himself in a retrospective dramatization of events, or if we'll see any "Jesus Juice" promotional product tie-ins.

With Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial behind them, those in control of the Jackson estate are keen to rebuild the image of Michael with a carefully selected script that would “only cover certain periods of the late singer’s life.” John Branca, the executor of the Jackson estate, has approached Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock’s Montecito Picture Company about the possibility of producing and financing the film. No deal has been reached as of publication.

A previously unreleased and unrelated Michael Jackson documentary is set to be auctioned in London later this month. The film reportedly features footage of the singer's "Dangerous" world tour in 1993, and was given to Fame Bureau auctioneers by Jackson's chauffeur. It has been given a reserve price of £4 million, although it is expected to sell for more. 

According to The Independent, Jackson gave a VHS copy of the film to his chauffeur. Jackson was rumored to be unhappy with the film, hence its never having seen the light of day.

A TV movie called The Jacksons: An American Dream was released in 1992, detailing the early life of the Jackson brothers.

Last week, Jackson's personal doctor Conrad Murray was found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of the Thriller superstar. The jury's decision was unanimous in their conviction of Murray, who denied giving Jackson a fatal overdose of the powerful sedative propofol on June 25, 2009, after a six week trial. He facesup to four years in prison and will lose his license to practice medicine.