MusicFest Vancouver Suspends 2013 Event

Lack of funds leads to cancellation of annual festival.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

MusicFest Vancouver has officially been cancelled by president Morris Biddle, it was confirmed on Tuesday. This is due to lack of money.

“I’m feeling quite devastated, but I’ve known it was coming for a couple months because they knew at the end of the festival that there was going to be $150,000 deficit and they already had a $50,000 deficit from the past,” George Laverock said to The Globe and Mail.

“We are very proud of our 12 years of tremendous classical, jazz, and world music experiences each August and throughout B.C.,” said festival president Biddle in a statement. “However, in common with many arts organizations, we have experienced reductions in all sources of revenue to the extent that we cannot meet our current financial obligations and we as an organization must examine all possible solutions and outcomes going forward.”

For more than 12 years, MusicFest played host to over 600 free concerts, but now that they're in $160,000 in debt, the show can no longer go on. “We’re not in a position to go on with the 2013 festival,” board member Sarah Sidhu said to Metro Vancouver. However, they are still looking at ways of reviving the festival in the future. “We’re just looking at how we can deal with all of our debts and how we can move forward in a healthy way. We don’t want to be another casualty on the arts scene."