Intense: Kendrick Lamar Fan Goes Nuts in Before/After Shots

Watch one Kendrick fan in action before and after he hits the stage at a festival, for a taste of what's to come at Bonnaroo.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

When the official lineup for Bonnaroo 2015 was announced yesterday, one of the most celebrated names on the bill was Mr. Kendrick Lamar in a well-earned headlining slot. And while K-dot is no stranger to the magic on the fields of Manchester, TN, the selection left some scratching their heads.

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While we can only assume that those disappointed and/or confused by the inclusion of Kendrick over what many thought would be Jay Z & Beyonce are merely unfamiliar with the rapper, perhaps a little evidence may be necessary. You can pull up Spotify to check out his music, or have a look at his new-song performance as the last-ever musical guest on “The Colbert Report,” but we’ll let fan excitement do the talking this time around with a “Before” and “After” pic of a massive Kendrick fan waiting for him to hit the stage at Austin City Limits 2013.

Before: Waiting for Kendrick 

After: Kendrick Arrives


We can confirm that the young lady in question did not actually suffer a stroke and die from excitement in the front row. But more importantly, is she holding a tube top? Underpants? We still can’t figure it out.

Bonnaroo tickets go on sale Jan 17th at noon EST. More info can be found here.


Photos: Johnny Firecloud