Michael Rosenbaum Will Not Return To ‘Smallville’

A new report indicates that the actor has rejected multiple offers to reprise his role as Lex Luthor.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Michael Rosenbaum Will Not Return To 'Smallville'

As Superman used to say, "Luthor, You fiend!"

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michael Rosenbaum has turned down repeated offers to reprise his role of Lex Luthor on "Smallville."

“He has put the show behind him and moved on,” stated EW’s unidentified source. “He’s pursuing his other creative outlet [writing]. By all indications, he is not going to be involved.”

Rosenbaum portrayed Lex Luthor for seven seasons on "Smallvile" before departing the series. His last appearance as Lex was in the seventh season finale in which he and Clark Kent (Tom Welling) were trapped in the collapse of the Fortress of Solitude. Lex returned briefly in the eighth season heavily scarred and played by another actor before his apparent death. However, the series has repeatedly dropped hints that Lex is still alive.

Back at the San Diego Comic Con, Welling told Kryptonsite that he personally tried to get Rosenbaum back even before the final season started.

"I have tried a few things with Michael," offered Welling. "I’ve twisted his arm, I’ve taken him to dinner, I’ve gotten him drunk… I’ve tried to get him to sign papers that he didn’t know what they were… so, I’m trying everything that I can. Michael wants to come back, but there are just some things to iron out, and I think he understands that we can’t end the show without Lex Luthor. We’re even teasing the idea that he’s going to be on already, with the idea of clones, or [the idea] that Lex has developed these bodies that he could then tap into to heal himself later in life."

There is still a slight chance that Rosenbaum could change his mind as long as the series is still in production. But currently, there are only three episodes left to shoot, including the recently announced two hour finale.