Disney Animator Makes ‘Classic’ Superman Cartoon

Disney animator Robb Pratt just made the wait for 'Superman: The Man of Steel' a lot easier with this new, original 'Superman' cartoon.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Disney Animator Makes 'Classic' Superman Cartoon

Is your bladder getting all ‘Silly Susan’ just thinking about the upcoming Superman: The Man of Steel? Can’t wait until December 2012 to get your fix? Tarzan animator Robb Pratt has something just for you: a new ‘classic’ Superman cartoon inspired by the incredible 1940’s series by Max Fleischer. Pratt animated the short by hand before coloring and creating the backgrounds via computer. The result is a fresh, beautiful throwback to Fleischer’s rao-sing* style. Adding to his geek cred? Pratt enlisted former Superboy star John Newton and his wife Jennifer to play Clark Kent and Lois Lane (respectively).

It’s been too long since we’ve seen the Man of Steel fight giant robots. The wait is finally over. Enjoy!

*Too obscure?