Party Time At Madden Bowl 2011

Crave Online was on the Coke Zero Black Carpet, and Nash was in the best party in Dallas!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Party Time At Madden Bowl 2011

The snow began to fall as an evening of high-status fun came to an end.  Some players left early in the night, and others wandered out into the frigid Dallas night with the rest of us, searching for cabs.  

Madden Bowl 2011 began with the star-studded Coke Zero Black Carpet, and thanks to our friends at Coke Zero, Crave Online was one of the few in the media who received the coveted invitation.  None of the players from the "Big Game" were in attendance.  Thank God they were not, because who wants those guys at a big party three days before the "Big Game"?! 

Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals played the part of the esteemed host to this year’s Coke Zero Black Carpet event, but we had the chance to catch interviews with the likes of Reggie Bush, Tony Gonzalez and even Cee-Lo Green and Big Boi from Outkast!

I am sure many are trying to figure out why Cee-Lo and Big Boi were strolling through the event.  All I can say is the Coke Zero Black Carpet was only the exciting beginning of an inexplicably enjoyable evening.  Not inexplicably because I do not know how to write about, but because we were one of the few VIP guest who were given the opportunity to attend the full event and after party.  Our only agreement was that what happened inside stayed inside.

I will tell you this much.  I partied with quite a few big players, and watching Cee-Lo and Big Boi perform all their hit songs was about the best night cap a young sports editor can ask for.