HAWAII FIVE-0 1.17 ‘E Malama’

McGarrett goes 'Predator' in the jungle while Danno goes ballistic on the commish.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

HAWAII FIVE-0 1.17 'E Malama'

Episode Title: "E Malama"

Writers: Kyle Harimoto and Shane Salerno

Director: Brad Turner


A federal marshall attempts to escort Julie Masters (Mariana Klaveno), a key witness in the drug trafficking case against Aaron Brenner to the court house. However, the police escorts who arrive are actually hitmen ordered to take out Masters. After arriving on the scene, McGarrett, (Alex O’Loughlin) Kono (Grace Park) and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) learn that Julie was able to flee. However if they can’t find her and bring her in to testify by 5PM, Brenner will go free.

Meanwhile, Danny (Scott Caan) gets a call from his ex-wife, Rachel (Claire Van Der Boom) after her car was jacked. Danny goes to Rachel’s home and finds it broken into. He accuses Rachel’s husband, Stan of being involved in the matter. But Rachel defends her husband, who is due to return from a business trip that day.

While Kono investigates Brenner and his hitmen, McGarrett and Chin Ho find Julie hiding in the jungle. McGarrett breaks off from the two and sets a trap for the hitmen. He manages to take out one but the other man corners Chin Ho and Julie in an old shack. However, Chin Ho manages to get an old dirt bike inside running and gets past the killer. He meets up with McGarrett and the three make their way to the courthouse.

After confronting Stan (Mark Deklin) about the carjacking and home break-in, he tells Danny about his dealings with the crooked housing commissioner, who targeted his family after Stan threatened to expose his corruption. Danny finds the commissioner at a restaurant and gives him a stern warning to stay away from his family. Danny brings Stan home and tells Rachel the whole thing was a mix-up and Stan was not involved.

At the courthouse, Julie and the prosecutor are set to make a deal with Brenner’s co-council just as Kono discovers the lawyer is actually part of the hit squad. She gets to courthouse just in time to take down the assassin, allowing Julie to testify against Brenner.


An episode of "Hawaii Five-0" where McGarrett draws inspiration from Dutch and the Ewoks? That alone deserves a 9.0.

McGarrett took his ninja skills into the depths of the Hawaiian jungle, looking like Arnold in "Predator" and taking a page out of the Ewok’s play book with the ‘ole swinging log trap. His ability to argue with Danny on the phone while setting the trap? Also impressive.

It was also great to see more of Danno’s strained relationship with his ex-wife, whom he clearly still holds a torch for. The stage seemed set for her new hubby, Stan, to go down for the carjacking/home invasion but things weren’t as black and white as Danny thought. His decision to cover for Stan, whose involvement in the mess sprang from good intentions, showed real growth. But I suspect this won’t be the last time Danny’s professional life becomes entangled with his family’s well being.

Another moment for the "H50" highlight reel?  Kono literally kicking ass inside the courthouse. Yes the whole premise of an armed assassin making it inside what should be one of the most secure buildings on the island is insane, but did I mention we got to Kono kick ass? Works for me.

In an hour drama that attempts to pack in so much action, the story can suffer. Especially when you’ve got A and B storylines. But "E Malama," which means "to protect," managed to run with two intense arcs, both filled with the kind of gutsy, "action with attitude" as I like call it (Danny strong arming the housing commissioner!) "Hawaii Five-0" has become know for. 

Crave Online Rating: 9 out of 10.