‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ Gets Teen-Friendly Remake

We're kinda zen about this one. Que sera-sera, you know...?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'The Man Who Knew Too Much' Gets Teen-Friendly Remake

Confession Time: I’ve never seen The Man Who Knew Too Much. I wasn’t allowed to. Doris Day frightens my mother and that’s that. We never watched The Wizard of Oz either because of all those damned flying moneys. Well, Paramount sympathizes with my mother’s plight and is now remaking Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense classic with a kid-friendly slant. I’d tell you more about their decision-making process behind this one but what can I say…? I wasn’t there.

It seems that after the success of Disturbia – which was four years ago, so way to capitalize on that zeitgeist, Hollywood – the entertainment capitol of the world is trotting out another Hitchcock remake aimed at the youth market. Whereas Disturbia reimagined Hitchcock’s Rear Window for the teen crowd, The Man Who Knew Too Much… now apparently called The Kid Who Knew Too Much (somebody certainly earned their paycheck with that one)… will revise the master of suspense’s tale of parents trying to save their kidnapped teenager as the tale of a teenager trying to save their kidnapped parents. In both cases this kidnapping occurs because someone knew too much. But what do they know? Devin Faraci over at Badass News knew about the story.

It’s hard to imagine Alfred Hitchcock being terribly offended by this if he were alive today. For one thing he’d be 111 years old and probably past the point of caring about much of anything these days, but for another, I mean, come on… He remade The Man Who Knew Too Much himself, having filmed the story with Peter Lorre in 1934 and later with Jimmy Stewart in 1956. And if you think about it, a ton of his movies were just reimaginings of the same ‘innocent man on the run’ plot he held so dear anyway, from Young & Innocent to The 39 Steps to Saboteur to North by Northwest and so on. If Hitchcock can make a great remake, surely Paremount, the studio behind Alfie and The Out-Of-Towners can…

Oh crap. Crave Online‘s going to stay on our toes for this one. We’ll have more news as soon as we know too much of it.