Not very memorable, best to just get over it!

Ryan Hillby Ryan Hill



I have a problem with people who say: "You don’t remember me do you?… I can’t believe you don’t remember me. Well, we’ve met like 8 times!"

And a plethora of other hateful, bitter, and self-loathing comments towards me and I’m sure others when you see them out and there name and probably exsistences slips your mind.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to look at the long and the short of it.

The short of it is:

"You don’t remember me do you?"

Nope sure don’t

"I can’t believe you don’t remember me!"

I can’t believe you aren’t more memorable

"Well, we met like 8 times"

WOW that is an amazing amount of times for my mind to block you out.  That’s denial on par with being molested by weird uncle jimmy.  You must be really horrible if I forgot you that many times.


These responses may all sound harsh and that’s because, they are, but it is because the person saying this to me, or anyone whom this pertains to, in a public forum is attempting to shame us and I’m not a fan of being shamed.  Sadly, in trying to shame us they have just drawn attention to their utter banality and absolute pettiness all at once.

Here’s the LONG of it:

No matter how much people tell us life is short, life is long and throughout our life we meet A LOT of people. I mean A LOT like A LOT LOT.  Like we meet more people than Kristie alley has regrets.That’s a bloody lot of people.  This being said, give people a break.  When you are introduced to someone for the seventh time just give them your name and smile like it’s the first time.  Trust me if you’ve faked an orgasm or hell even pretend you liked “something” more than you actually did, then you can fake this. 


It does no one any good to call the person out.  If you can’t believe someone doesn’t remember you, then instead of trying to make them feel bad, ask yourself; why don’t they remember me?   Was I being overly shy that night, were they incredibly wasted (guilty) or was it one of those days when I met a hundred people and they probably did too?  Trust me at the end of the day if you LET IT GO you will have so much more energy for ANYTHING ELSE. What does it matter is some over the top queen (finger pointed at self) remembers you or not?  You are still an amazing, brilliant, unique energy that some people miss out on because they aren’t paying attention.  Well, it’s either that or you are mind-numbingly boring rancid sack of douchebag.  So live and let live or at least shut the fuck up.

PS I’m not going to remember you the next time we meet.  Start processing now cause maybe by the time I see you, you’ll have gotten the hell over it.