Adult Superstar Jesse Jane on ‘Middle Men’ and ‘Top Guns’

The tell-all drama 'Middle Men' is now available on DVD & Blu-Ray.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Adult Superstar Jesse Jane on 'Middle Men' and 'Top Guns'

It’s just a few scant days before the Super Bowl, and Jesse Jane is snowbound. Trapped in her house with nothing but laundry and CRAVE Online‘s William Bibbiani to entertain her: to most of us it sounds like hell. But the woman CNBC calls "the face of modern porn" is in good spirits anyway, happy to talk about her role in George Gallo’s Middle Men – out on DVD and Blu-Ray today – and her work in the adult industry, from the Island Fever series to her upcoming big budget pornographic remake of Top Gun titled, reasonably enough, Top Guns.

As suspense mounts – Will Jesse Jane make it to her big Super Bowl Party in Dallas? – we took advantage of our brief opportunity to interview the AVN Award-winning adult superstar, and America’s (pornographic) sweetheart…

CraveOnline: How are you doing, Jesse?

Jesse Jane: I’m good! I’m just kind of stuck in the house. I just got home from L.A. so I’m pretty much caught up on all my laundry, just cleaning the house because I’m stuck in the house!

CraveOnline: Aw…! Do you have any crazy plans later? Are you going to fix that? Because that sounds horrible.

Jesse Jane: No, you know what it is? I’m in a blizzard. I’m kind of stuck in the house and I’m supposed to be leaving for Dallas in the morning. There are Super Bowl parties and I’m kind of stuck!

CraveOnline: I’m sorry! That sucks. My heart goes out for you! 

Jesse Jane: Aw, thanks!

CraveOnline: Obviously, we’re talking to you today because of your appearance in Middle Men. Did you see Middle Men?

Jesse Jane: You want to know what’s funny? I actually just watched it last night, because it was only in select theaters. Because, you know, it’s a little on the racy side so a lot of theaters… I live in Oklahoma so they didn’t play it here. I watched it last night, which was interesting because being in this industry – I’ve been in it for over eight years now – I never really realized how the internet thing got started. It was a was a very interesting story. I was like, “Oh, okay… So that’s how it happened!”

CraveOnline: Giovanni Ribisi was really, really amazing in it, I thought. 

Jesse Jane: I love him. Oh my God, I loved him in The Boiler Room, he’s just a good actor.

CraveOnline: So good… And you’re a good actor too! I was disappointed we didn’t get to see more of you!

Jesse Jane: You know what? I have a couple things coming out. I do little things here and there. It was more of the taboo of people going, “Oh, you’re a porn star?” But a lot of people have become a little more open with it because you’re just a girl [and] every movie, mainstream or not, uses sex at some point in the movie. That’s what people like to watch. (Laughs) – They just might not go as far as I do…! So a lot of people are becoming more open with it. You know, Sasha Grey broke out. There’s a couple people breaking out. A lot of non-porn people aren’t afraid to go ahead and try a porn star out for a part, especially if she fits it. And half the time it’s like we play the sex symbols or whatever, but it’s still fun!

CraveOnline: Is there anything you want to do now that attitudes are getting kinder to the adult industry? Is there anything you want to break out and do more of?

Jesse Jane: Well, I have one thing I’m doing but there’s one show that I am going to make sure I do anything in power to get on – anything – because it’s so badass. It’s Sons of Anarchy. And I’m impressed with that show, and I have to see it. I know how to ride a bike. I want to be a biker chick!

CraveOnline: You’d be an awesome biker chick…

Jesse Jane: You know, and Jax is so hot. And I just like that show. I want to shoot some guns and get into trouble. 


CraveOnline: It’s interesting to me… I’ve seen a lot of your movies. I’m not going to lie, I’m a fan…

Jesse Jane: That’s a good thing…!

CraveOnline: I think it’s a fantastic thing! And it’s interesting to me because Digital Playground (the production company with whom Jesse Jane has a contract) has really stepped up their game in a lot of these productions. These are really classy productions.

Jesse Jane: They kind of have to be! One, they’ve always had really good quality, but the internet, the way it is, is killing the industry. No matter what the economy crisis has ever been, porn and alcohol… that’s always been good. And gambling. But, with the internet and all the free tubing sites and stuff, it’s really killed their market. So Digital Playground, you can’t get their stuff online. We have a team of people making sure that no free websites grab parts of our movies, so we actually have to make something that people want to buy, and watch. So we put in all these really amazing girls and they do these badass CGI effects. They put a story together to make it something interesting to watch, but of course it’s still porn. I know there’s some people who are like, “Yeah, well, it’s still porn. Who cares about the story?” Believe it or not, so many people do.

CraveOnline: Do you have a favorite movie you’ve done for Digital Playground so far? Because you’re starring in almost all of them…

Jesse Jane: I like to do the Island Fevers. I love Island Fever 4 because there’s no dialogue, you just go to a remote location: we’ve gone to Bora Bora, the Bahamas, Tahiti, all over the place. And you just have sex with people. So it’s a paid vacation. You just go, there’s no script, you have sex in the morning, some of you have sex at night, you take pictures and you hang out with all these people. And your phones don’t work so you really get know these people. So it turns out so sexy.

But you know, Pirates was really fun. We’re shooting Pirates 3D this year. And the newest one is Top Guns which comes out next month. I actually loved [it], because Dirty Dancing and Top Gun are like my favorite movies of all time, so when they said we were going to remake it I was like, “You’re lying…!”

We had to go to the Mojave desert, and it was an active airport hangar, but it was for really small planes. It was very interesting to shoot there, because it was fine if you shot a long day there because there was nothing else to do there! (Laughs) – There was a Subway and a gas station, and it was closed by eight, so you’re kind of screwed. Which makes it fun because you come up with dumb things to do…

CraveOnline: Like what? How do you pass the time on that kind of shoot?

Jesse Jane: You know, it’s almost like when you’re in junior high and high school again. You try to run and knock on people’s hotel rooms and run away, or throw things at them, or run around in your panties and a towel. […] But I don’t care. I love to start up stuff. So I run around, and Riley Steele and I would just get naked in the window and act like we’re in the red light district! (Laughs) – And there were all these workers outside, I don’t know exactly what they did, but something, whatever it is you do in the desert. I don’t know. (Laughs) – We would just get naked and, oh… there were so many things we did. I won’t go into everything…

CraveOnline: You’ve done pirate movies over there, you’ve done jet pilot movies over there, you’ve done firefighter movies… Is there anything you feel like you want to tackle over at Digital Playground that you’ve always wanted to try?

Jesse Jane: Well, it happened… I got Top Gun, one of my favorite movies of all time. But my favorite favorite is Dirty Dancing. So if we could do some sexy music, we get all sweaty and girls are wearing next to nothing…

CraveOnline: You could call it Dirtiest Dancing.

Jesse Jane: The dirtiest dancing, yeah. I would love to do that. But pretty much I’ve got to do everything I would have liked. I’ve always got to do tamer scenes at Digital Playground, but I’m pretty crazy [even though] I’m very tame in all my films.

CraveOnline: Well, this has been great…

Jesse Jane: Wait! I’ve got to tell you one more thing!

CraveOnline: Then tell me! Tell me anything you want!

Jesse Jane: In March, my own tequila line is launching! Diosa Tequila! It’s going to be big. We’re not even out yet, we’re launching in Vegas next month at a nightclub and bar convention, we already have Africa, Australia and all these people wanting it and it’s not even out!

CraveOnline: Thanks again, Jesse! We hope you get to the Super Bowl! 

Jesse Jane: Thank you!

UPDATE: Jesse Jane made it to the ‘Everything’s Bigger in Dallas’ Super Bowl gala after all, where she was reportedly ‘the life of the party.’ Well, obviously