Top 10 Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials

Check out our picks from this year's lineup of ads!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Top 10 Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials

For decades, the advertisements at the Super Bowl have been an event unto themselves. In-between the championship game is basically… the Super Bowl of commercials. Each year, dozens of companies throw money at their PR divisions to come up with some of the funniest and most inventive TV ads during Football’s biggest stage.

This year, it definitely felt like most of the commercials fell flat; especially when compared to some of the classics that have come out of past Super Bowls. Regardless, there were a few that caught our eye… and a more than a few that should be buried in a ditch and never seen again.

But let’s start off with our list of the ten best Super Bowl commercials:

Bud Light: Product Placement

Why is it that it’s almost always the beer companies that really come out to play for the Super Bowl? Bud Light delivers again with an amusing spoof on product placement completely overwhelming the next Three Musketeers remake… or something. Fun stuff.

Budweiser: Wild West

What’s that you say? Another funny beer related commercial? What a shock.

In this spot, the beer shipment arrives just in time to appease an outlaw before the patrons of the bar break into Elton John’s Tiny Dancer.

Volkswagen: The Force

An oddly charming ad that reminds us that we still love "Star Wars," no matter what the prequels did to it. Plus, you can never go wrong with John Williams’ Imperial March as your theme music.

Coca-Cola: Siege

According to this commercial, there’s a fantasy world in which Coca-Cola can be used as an offensive weapon to tame the flames of dragons and make invading armies retreat.

In our world, it just makes us burp.

Bridgestone: Reply All

This was a really funny ad about a guy trying to take back a damaging e-mail at all costs. But it didn’t really sell its product very well.



Kia: One Epic Ride

Not the greatest commercial, but it at least had the imagination and scope that Super Bowl ads should always aspire towards. Plus, I’m a sucker for wormholes. Go First

With some inventive humor and a quick explanation of what actually does, this was one of the most effective ads of the night. I particularly liked the teleport mishap…

Snickers: Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr

Not as funny as the original Betty White Snickers commercial from last year, but it was still pretty good.

Stella Artois: Crying Jean

Unexpectedly, I really liked Adrian Brody (I assume that’s him, anyway) serenading his favorite lager.

Audi: Release The Hounds

This was the funniest of this year’s advertisements, as Audi shows us that jail for rich people is everything that we thought it was.

Now, who wants to go out and commit some white collar crimes with me?!

Keep going for the ten worst ads from this year’s Super Bowl!



And now for the Worst Commercials of this year’s Super Bowl.


Living Social

A relatively new social network decided to kick off this year’s Super Bowl with a mock testimonial from a guy who discovered his latent cross-dressing tendencies while using the site.

Really? Seriously?

Guys, that’s a niche market at best…

Chevrolet: Cruze Eco Misunderstanding

If there’s one thing I love in a car commercial, it’s random old people arguing about what they just heard in the commercial. On second thought, I don’t actually like that at all.

Go Daddy: The New Go Daddy Girl

Listen Go Daddy, it’s no longer 1998. These crappy ads with supposedly edgy content are not working and you’re wasting our time. And stop trying to convince us that .co is the next big thing.

In fact, co off. And get the get the .co out of here.

Eminem The Pitch Man

For a dude who says that he doesn’t like doing commercials, Eminem still managed to be in two bad advertisements this year. Congratulations, Marshall!


E-Trade Tailor

Whoever came up with the E-Trade baby ad campaign needs to die horribly in a fire. Him and that damn Gecko from Geico.



Mini Countryman: Cram It In The Boot

I think this is also the name of a German TV game show.

Chevrolet: Cruze Status

The date part of this ad is kind of sweet. But Chevrolet is trying to sell us a car that gives us real time Facebook updates… while we’re driving!

I can’t wait for the first Facebook related multi-car pileup. This is just a bad, bad idea.

Hyundai: Hypnotize

It would take a lot of mind control to make me buy a Hyundai. And apparently, I’m not alone.

Pepsi: Torpedo Cooler

Aww… isn’t that cute? Pepsi still thinks its the ’80s.

Enjoy that Revenge of The Nerds remake, guys!

Doritos: ALL OF THEM

It was a bad year for my favorite brand of chip. All three of their ads were clunkers, from a fairly mean-spirited dog owner…

To a dude licking the cheese off another dude’s fingers and then stealing other guy’s pants…

Before we got to the magical Doritos that can feed the plants and resurrect a fish and a cremated grandfather.

Ah… Doritos… If your chips didn’t taste so good, I would never eat them again.