Spotlight: SuperBowl Media Day

The day where players have nowhere to hide from the dreaded media.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Spotlight: SuperBowl Media Day

As we inch ever closer to the big game, it seems that every day is a contrived dip into absurdity as the hype machine continues to go full swing. The biggest day of the SuperBowl Week, other than Sunday of course, came Tuesday when star players are offered up like virginal sacrifices to a hungry horde of  reporters for one whole hour. They are defenseless before an all out blitz of questions ranging from the average to the insane.

For once, the majority of eyes were on the Steelers as the unusually humble Black and Gold bruisers had the distinct ‘pleasure’ of fielding the players with the most controversy. The two most attractive targets for this feeding frenzy were Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison, both of whom has garnered notice this past season for antics above and beyond the norm. Roethlisberger, the number one fish in the sea this day, deftly avoided controversy like they were 300 lbs defensive lineman and came out of the affair with his new found image intact. Harrison, on the other hand, kept to his image as well…which may not be considered a good thing.

Here are some of the noteworthy quotes from media day.

Ben Roethlisberger on Changes he has made in his personal life

"I think you always go through changes in life. I’m not really going to keep hitting this over and over because it’s not time to reflect because really it’s about this game. When you’re faced with challenges in life, you find ways to try to overcome them. Just like when there are doubters and naysayers that challenged me in a football sense. It challenges me to rise above. So in the same way as me being a better person, people saying, ‘You can’t do it,’ it makes me want to rise to the occasion and be the best I can be."

Ben Roethlisberger on How He Wants to be perceived

"I think you’re always taught, people ask you, ‘What do you want on your obituary, your tombstone?’ And I think somebody to say he’s a good person, a God-fearing person that was loyal to his family and put family and God first and enjoyed the way that he played the game of football, enjoyed football and just lived every day like it was his last."

Maurkise Pouncey on whether he can play this Sunday

"Don’t give up on me yet. Miracles do happen. Trust me, man, they do happen. I am walking around pretty good, and they didn’t expect to have the cast off until later in the week."

James Harrison on whether he learned the lesson Roger Goodell was preaching. (not the exact question)

"I don’t want to hurt nobody, I don’t want to step on nobody’s foot and hurt their toe, I don’t want to have no dirt or none of this rubber on the field fly into their eye and make their eye hurt, I just want to tackle them softly on the ground and, if y’all can, lay a pillow down where I’m going to tackle them so they don’t hit the ground too hard, Mr. Goodell."

Clay Matthews on being born into a football family

"I was very privileged as a youth to have a father who played in the league, and have so much family history and be blessed with all that I was given in this life. But yeah, I’ve kind of had to work to kind of get out of the shadow of my father and family or whatnot, and think I’m doing a good job at that. But obviously, it’s a good shadow to be in. They excelled in this league for many, many years. So if I can have the career they did, I’ll be in good company.”

Green Bay President Mike Murphy on whether the team will reach out to Brett Favre

"At the appropriate time, we’ll reach out to him, I envision that he’ll come back into the fold. We want to make sure it’s the right time for him and for us."

Mike Murphy on how the team responded to the Brett Favre situation

"Few players had a bigger impact on an organization that Brett did. It tested us. Obviously, I think a lot of people disagreed with the decision but I’m proud, looking back, [of how] the organization handled it. Also, as I look back on it, one of the benefits was that early on in my tenure, it forced Ted and myself and Mike to really come together on an issue. I think looking back on it now, it’s been really positive."