PERFECT COUPLES 1.02 ‘Perfect Proposal’

Dave attempts to keep Amy and Vance from making a huge mistake and Julia has a surprising confession to make.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

PERFECT COUPLES 1.02 'Perfect Proposal'

Episode Title: "Perfect Proposal"

Writers: Jon Pollack & Scott Silveri

Director: Andy Ackerman


Before we begin the review, allow me to suggest a few alternate titles for "Perfect Couples" that would better describe the series:

"Perfect Robots"

"How I Met Your Android"

"Pod People"

"Stop, Or This Show Will Suck!"

There’s no getting around it… "Perfect Couples" is just bad TV all the way around. I knew we were in for another half hour of lifeless comedy when a sequence of how each couple proposed failed to generate even a single laugh.

In last week’s pilot, Vance (David Walton) and Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) had a massive blowout fight that led to an impromptu marriage proposal; which was followed by a quick trip to Paris. Now, the fight and the reconciliation could have been believable had we not seen how it played out this week. Vance and Amy basically dared each other to get married during a shouting match. And don’t get me started again on how normal people can’t just jet to Paris at the drop of a hat.

Their friend, Dave (Kyle Bornheimer) warns his relatively sane wife, Julia (Christine Woods) not to show any signs that she’s against Vance and Amy getting married when they pick them up at the airport. So, she overcompensates her enthusiasm and is asked to be Amy’s maid of of honor… which Amy seems to think means treating Julia like a maid. But Vance immediate goes up to Dave and accuses him of being against the marriage. Meanwhile, crazy couple Rex (Hayes MacArthur) and Leigh (Olivia Munn) actually buy their own plane tickets just to meet Vance and Amy as they step out onto the terminal.

Who does that?!

I mean, really… I’m sure it’s meant to come off as endearingly crazy on their part. And to be fair, there’s a large number of crazy people on other NBC sitcoms, like Rob Lowe’s Chris on "Parks and Rec." But do you know why Chris works as a character and nobody on this show does? It’s because there are small moments when Chris actually acts like a human being!! No one on this show has convinced me that they aren’t part of a secret Martian invasion force. And that would at least excuse part of their ignorance about human behavior.

Getting back to what passes for a story, Vance reveals to Dave that he’s actually having second thoughts about getting hitched and he wants his friend to "share his concerns" and convince Amy to call off the engagement. But they stupidly reveal the truth to Rex, who instantly tells Leigh and in turn, the crazy couple comes over to see Amy and shout out the truth.

And in true sitcom fashion, everything is alright in the end with the newly engaged couple staying together before going through a montage of almost every cliché proposal scenario known to man. Julia also tells Dave that she wasn’t sure about marrying him ahead of time and that she was incredibly drunk at their wedding ceremony.

The events I described above can not possibly convey just how painful that was to watch. "Perfect Couples" is just so fake and so stupid that I can barely believe this is a real show that someone thought was worthy of being on TV. Even Amy’s sudden transformation into a Bridezilla should have at least been good for a few laughs. But it’s not.

The single joke in this episode that was actually funny was when Amy admitted that she had brain damage years ago… which could at least partially explain her off-putting persona and behavior.

What’s everyone else’s excuse?

Crave Online Rating: 2 out of 10.