Highlighting two comedic YouTubers, one established and one not...

Sax Carrby Sax Carr


Oldtube/Newtube celebrates the best of the self-indulgent, user-generated, internally referential world of stuff people upload to video sharing sites. We’ll take a look at one that’s well-loved and established, and another that should be. Of course, at the end of the day, watching both of these videos is probably a waste of your time, but hey, you’re on the Internet already so what’s it going to hurt? 
Julian Smith is sort of a virtuoso. Each of his videos is immaculately written, shot, and edited, but more than that, it comes from a creative spark not commonly found on YouTube. This is not to say that many YouTube videos are not bizarre, because we both know they are, but this is a unique mind set that makes for some wonderful art. Plus, its funny. So, so funny.  And, well,  isn’t that the point? I mean, who’s surfing to YouTube for anything else? (editors note: apparently how-to videos are some of YouTube’s most viewed; I had no idea). Here is one of his music videos, I think you’ll get the gist:


And for a special bonus, his more famous MALK video: 

The man is clearly crazy…CRAZY LIKE A FOX! A fox that’s probably only a few steps away from a development deal. Check it out, and like or favorite or whatever people do on YouTube. 
Sean Hart is getting his YouTube chops, but like Julian Smith he brings a strange brand of crazy that somehow makes it all more delicious. Hart seems a little more hardcore than Smith, and everything he does seems a lot more “in your face”. For example here’s the man himself (in character) accosting people on the street:



I just can’t get enough of this one for some reason. Maybe it’s because I am so judgmental. I am, after all, a paid critic.
The main reason I found this guy to begin with was a video shown at a live comedy performance here in LA. Hart (who is mostly a character performer) set this video up as Gary the Impaler, a “Metal Stand-Up Comic." I was impressed and that’s saying a  lot. Before we talk more about it, here it is:

It’s a lot of the same crazy genius you see in Julian Smith, and pretty equal in quality, but just in his nascent stages. So if you fancy yourself on the bleeding edge, you should jump over to his YouTube page and favorite, or rate, or… whatever lets you sleep better at night. 
So there you have it: two YouTubers, one with views in the millions, and the other with views in the tens, and both pretty amazing in the same “just outside the box” way. Check them out, and see what you think, and keep it tuned to CraveOnline.com for more of the best and the soon–to-be-best of the video-share-a-sphere.  What videos do you like? Tweet me some options at @SaxCarr and I’ll consider them for this article.   Or, I’ll criticize you because I am, after all, a paid critic.