Slacker Radio And Winter X Games 15 Team Up

Slacker Radio now brings fans an even better way to connect with their favorite X Games stars.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Slacker Radio And Winter X Games 15 Team Up


Winter X Games 15 kicked off today and now there is an even better way to keep up with everything that is going on in Aspen, CO throughout the games.

Slacker Radio teamed up with Winter X Games 15 to bring music, live coverage and interviews to not only their Web site, but also the free Winter X Games 15 app on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices. 

The station is curated by athletes competing in the Winter X Games and features songs from the games as well as favorites selected by the athletes, including music they play while warming up and competing.  There will be commentary from ESPN’s Dana Jacobsen and awesome interviews with X Gamers like Snocrosser Tucker Hibbert and Superpipers Jen Hudak and Peter Olenick!

We live in a world where everyone has the chance to be connected to just about anything they want.  I am stoked to know that I can check out all the stuff going on this year in Aspen whether I am at work on my computer or driving home in my car.  Of course, we do not recommend that you use your phone while driving… Then again, what’s so extreme about that?!

Where to find Winter X Games 15 Radio:

Winter X Games 15 Radio is now available for free in the Slacker Spotlight section of the Slacker Radio application on the web, home entertainment devices and leading smartphones. Click here for direct access!

The station is also featured as part of the official Winter X Games 15 app, which in addition to streaming the Winter X Games 15 Slacker station, includes interactive maps, updated results, athlete bios, video highlights, photo galleries and more. The free Winter X Games 15 Mobile app is available now for iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.  Click here for more info on how to get the free app!

Enjoy Winter X Games 15!