Green Lantern Corps #56 Review

Green Lantern Corps #56 finally shines some light on the storyline.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Green Lantern Corps #56 Review

I have to say, as long and drawn out as the entire Weaponer arc has been in Green Lantern Corps, the pay off in issue #56 is really worth it. This issue nails it, brings about exactly what the loyal Green Lantern Corps followers have hoped for in the final confrontation between Sinestro and The Weaponer, who has been out to crush the crimson skinned former Green Lantern for oppressing his people.

The final battle (which will span issue #56 and 57) has been made even more difficult with the treaty between Sinestro Corps and the Green Lanterns. The two warring armies have formed an uneasy alliance to deal with outside issues that are a bit too complex to get into. With all of these issues coming to a head, Green Lantern Corps 56 explodes like a time bomb.

The opening sets up everything for this issue, both in the writing and art. Tony Bedard starts the issue having Sinestro place a battle cry to his minions, ordering them to attack The Weaponer, knowing that the Green Lanterns can’t strike against them for fear of destroying the treaty. Bedard’s words are backed up with great drama and style by the art from Tyler Kirkham. The pages here are bursting with nervous energy as the Sinestro Corps vows to destroy the enemy of their leader.

While art and words are the backbone of what comics are, it’s rare when they work together like this. There’s no seam between the two, they blend together to create powerful storytelling, which is so refreshing especially with convoluted the entire Green Lantern universe has been for the last few months.

I enjoyed this issue on two separate levels. First, I loved that it was a full on action comic. There are pieces and bits of straight story, but for the most part it’s constant fighting, movement and warfare. Nothing in the pages feels like it’s constructed in the typical comic book form. Instead of panel after panel, issue #56 reads like a movie, a constant and flowing stream of visuals that doesn’t let up until the last page. Surprisingly, the level of action here doesn’t outshine the written work. Each line pushes the plot and action along; it also deepens the emotions of this final conflict.

The second tier of my enjoyment came in finally getting to see Sinestro be the bad ass he is. Post The Sinestro Corp Wars, we haven’t seen Sinestro do much but give speeches and act his usual condescending manner. Watching him unleash his rage and put the beat down on somebody as powerful as The Weaponer, as if he was nothing, is a powerful reminder of how strong Sinestro is. It’s an interesting cause and effect for time taken to set up how formidable The Weaponer is. If it hadn’t been structured that way, the attack by Sinestro wouldn’t have had near the impact. I still feel DC dragged it out but I have to give credit where credit is due. Green Lantern Corps #56 is as strong an issue as I’ve seen out of the Green Lantern Universe in some time. I hope the other rather convoluted issues in the series follow suit.