‘Smallville’ Casts Blue Beetle And Booster Gold

The Blue and The Gold are together again for the first time.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

'Smallville' Casts Blue Beetle And Booster Gold

As "Smallville" nears the end of its final season, some of the last DC superheroes to appear on the show have finally been cast.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jaren Brandt Bartlett will play Jaime Reyes aka the Blue Beetle and Eric Martsolf will portray Booster Gold in the 17th episode of the season, which is appropriately titled "Booster."

Bartlett has previously appeared in guest stints on "Dark Angel," "The Twilight Zone," "Da Vinci’s Inquest," "Dead Zone" and "Aliens in America." More recently he has been a regular on Nickelodeon’s "The Troop."

Martsolf is primarily known for his soap opera roles on NBC’s "Passions" and "Days of Our Lives."

Back in December, popular comic scribe Geoff Johns spoke about his return to "Smallville" with two of his favorite DC characters in his latest script.

"I literally just finished the script before Christmas," said Johns. "I love the [Jaime Reyes] Blue Beetle. We introduced [this version of the character] back during ‘Infinite Crisis.’ I always like the chemistry between him and Booster [Gold], so when I was going to do this episode, I wanted to do those two together and I think the story that we came up works really well. It’s very Booster 1.0, meaning he’s in the early stages of his career as a hero — and is pretty self-serving."

Johns added "You’ll see Beetle’s origin, Booster first meeting Clark and Lois and maybe a cameo by someone from Kord Industries."

Last summer, DC indicated that it had plans for a potential "Blue Beetle" spinoff series to replace "Smallville." Although it’s looking more likely that "Raven" will fill that spot on the CW, if the new Blue Beetle catches on during his "Smallville" appearance, it could improve his spinoff chances.

"Smallville" will return with new episodes next Friday, January 28.