Top Five iPhone Apps for Drivers

We look at the best apps for your car.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Top Five iPhone Apps for Drivers

There are literally hundreds of iPhone apps for the auto enthusiast, from simple resources like sign & symbol databases to GPS navigation systems and parked car finders. Here is a list of our top five iPhone apps for drivers.



Managing your car expenses and performance is made easy with VehiCal. The ¨Quikbooks¨ of automotive apps, this app lets you track fuel consumption, monitor gas prices in your area, record various costs such as repairs and highway tools, and gives you a breakdown of all the operational costs associated with your car. It even tracks your last fill up, monitors the average gas price you´ve been paying, and offers a run down of your last trip mileage for as long as you make updates.


Gas Buddy 

Gas Buddy is one of the best cost saving car apps out there. As you know, the Costco gas station up a block can save you pennies against the Shell station next door. Finding the lowest price station with a comprehensive database of all the gas prices in the US and Canada, updated by fellow auto enthusiasts, makes this application hard to beat. You can find stations by ZIP or location and it even calculates estimated time in minutes to that gas station.



As ubiquitous as they come, iPhone comes pre installed with a maps application which offers driving, walking, and public transport directions. Maps are available in satellite and street view, albeit with a lack of precise turn by turn support. I´ve made plenty of 300 mile trips with the Maps application used alone and I´m reconsidering purchasing a Garmin which gives you a pretty neat idea how powerful iPhone Maps is.


Beat the Traffic 

Beat the Traffic is an app that lets you figure out the best route to take. Simply plug in your location and watch a map illustrate all of the major routes with a color code that signals routes with the least traffic (in green) and routes with the most traffic in red. Plus, exclamation points highlight where the accidents are. Beat the Traffic also offers aerial views in real-time to really see how bad it is.



Trapster lets you use your iPhone as a speed camera tracking device. Have this on and warnings will jump off the screen when red light cameras an speed cameras are present. Trapster is kept accurate with a network of users who report new cameras as soon as they spot one. Updating new locations is effortless. Combined with a radar detector, you´ll be flying past the speed limit (smartly, we hope) in no time.