Gears of War Triple Pack Announced

Epic and Microsoft announce a bromantic compilation pack.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Gears of War Triple Pack Announced

The previously rumored Gears of War Ultimate Collection is now a thing of reality. Microsoft and Epic Games have announced that the Gears of War Triple Pack will release on February 15, 2011 for $30 and will include Gears of War 1, Gears of War 2 and the GoW 2: All Fronts Pack.

For those not familiar with the All Fronts Pack, it brought 19 multiplayers maps and a brand new single player level to the Gears of War 2 campaign that was previously only found on the cutting room floor of Epic Games. This extra level saw Marcus and Dom infiltrate a Locust camp while dressed in Locust garb, Frodo and Sam style during their journey through Mordor. This level has been the only instance where the Gear of War franchise has traded in ridiculously loud carnage for dainty stealth slippers. 

The only things not included in the Gear of War Triple Pack are the Multiplayer Map Pack 01 and the "Hidden Fronts" DLC pack from the original Gears of War. However, both DLC packs can be downloaded for free from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

If you haven’t played either Gears of War title, now is your chance. The Gears of War Triple Pack releases February 15 for $30 on Xbox 360.

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