New ‘Captain America’ And ‘Thor’ Pictures Debut

Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder and Chris Evans' super soldier are ready for action in new images from Marvel's upcoming superhero films.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

New 'Captain America' And 'Thor' Pictures Debut

Last week, Marvel and Sony unveiled the first look at Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in costume, but Marvel also debuted new pictures of their two latest live action heroes.

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly , the magazine published the first full image of Chris Evans in costume as Captain America in costume. And as the picture indicates, Cap’s outfit underwent significant chances for the big screen.

“You can’t really take him seriously in his flag pajamas,” explained director Joe Johnston.

For "Captain America," the title character’s outfit was redesigned to resemble "a tricked-out airman’s jumpsuit," which is also reminiscent of Cap’s costume in "The Ultimates."

It’s also worth noting that those may be Hydra soldiers behind Cap in this pic. 

The same issue also had a new image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, in more of an action pose than we’ve seen anywhere outside of the "Thor" trailer.


Marvel also doesn’t seem to be shying away from explaining Thor’s godly origins, which separate him from normal superheroes.

“Most Marvel stories are about ordinary people becoming extraordinary,” explained Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige. “Thor is an already extraordinary individual.”

"Thor" will call down the lightning in theaters on May 06, 2011 while "Captain America: The First Avenger" will follow on July 22, 2011.