Howard Stern Expands ‘Howard TV On Demand’ Deal

After re-signing with Siruis/XM, Stern gives fans even more HTV!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Howard Stern Expands 'Howard TV On Demand' Deal


After signing with Sirius/XM Satellite Radio for another five years, Howard Stern Productions and In Demand have reached an agreement to continue the Howard TV On Demand subscription Video On Demand television channel. 


“After nearly 30 years in terrestrial and satellite radio, Howard Stern has secured his spot as a ‘must listen’ for legions of fans,” said Bob Benya, In Demand President & CEO. “We are thrilled that he will be continuing his iconic show, and proud to be able to deliver Howard TV to cable audiences around North America who want to see Howard Stern in action.”


The Howard TV service (HTV) includes over 40 hours of uncensored programming each month, with no commercial interruptions. Fans who sign up for HTV have unlimited access to the video versions of Stern’s daily radio show, an uncensored window into the show and its colorful cast of characters. Selections from the extensive television archives (including the uncensored versions of the E! shows), original programming and outrageous behind-the-scenes content are also available, many of which are exclusive. With the service, fans can access any of the programming, any time, with just a touch of their cable remotes, along with full control functionality.


“The production staff at Howard TV looks forward to continuing to entertain Howard Stern fans with our one-of-a-kind programming via original series, specials and the exclusive Daily Shows from Howard’s radio studio,” said Howard TV Executive Producer Doug Z. Goodstein. Our commitment is to give fans an in-depth viewpoint of the world of Howard Stern unlike anything on television.”


Howard Stern moved to Siruis satellite radio in 2006, immediately recruiting several million new subscribers and singlehandedly catapulting the floundering company into a successful merger with competitor XM radio. With his December contract renewal, Stern has guaranteed five more years of the most uncensored entertainment and phenonemally candid, in-depth interviews in the industry, with a prowess and personality that can’t be found anywhere else. 


Howard TV also has a very robust Facebook page with tens of thousands of fans. For more information, go to